This experience is designed to take place in a room or multipurpose space of at least 115 square meters. 

The number of participants will be decided in relation to the size of the available space.

In 2018, the American Psychological Association issued a report about the impact of climate change on mental health. It said that «gradual, long-term changes in climate can also surface a number of different emotions, including fear, anger, feelings of powerlessness, or exhaustion”. Generally this is likely to have the greatest impact on young people. […]

[…] Furthermore, engaging with these emotional experiences leads to increased resilience, agency, reflective functioning and collective action. Individuals are encouraged to find collective ways of processing their climate related emotional experiences in order to support mental health and well being.


Moving in synchrony with other people is a behavior that generates social closeness. But it also promotes the release of endorphins (a peptide that works as an analgesic produced by the body itself). According to scientific literature, dancing together produces well-being and relieves pain.

A study conducted at Oxford University has shown that people who dance together, in synchrony, have a greater resistance to pain. Researchers suggest that dancing fosters social bonds and makes people more altruistic. Dancing is considered a human behavior developed to foster social closeness. However, the results of this study not only support the social relevance of dance, but its therapeutic role for pain.

Dr. Nazareth Castellanos
Scientific researcher, lecturer and trainer.

The texts that appear in each of the sessions come from a previous research, evaluation, study and selection.

All our productions are committed to the exchange between disciplines within the parameters of sustainability. 

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TRANCE is a multidisciplinary artistic experience focused on teenagers.  It’s a danced meditation, a reflection taken to the body, a space to imagine a world in a positive way in which we can reconnect again with nature and with ourselves.

From LeireLlano studio we have the purpose of imagining and developing new artistic proposals so that teenagers can handle information about specific issues that concern us greatly, from a different place than usual. We want to bring teenagers closer to an experience in which they can forget about internal and external judgments, becoming only bodies that dance, out of any pigeonhole or predefined role and from there, start a shared journey.

The absolute protagonist of this journey will be the body in movement: a body that is stripped as the session progresses, of the «needs» of the mind. A body that lets go of attachments, tensions, a body that stays in the essence, in listening and internal observation. In each session of TRANCE, we make an individual inner journey, but also an outer and communitarian one. We will not be alone, there will be many other bodies dancing with us.
Each session is completed by the presence of a musician who recreates live sounds and rhythms that accompany the dancing bodies, an actress/performer who gives voice to our inner thoughts and a dancer who will be one more among them, but who at the same time, will become a guide and will help us to go through all the necessary states.

We have defined 5 main states to go through:

A first state of contact with the space and with one’s own body.
A second deeper state of connection and attention in the movement.
An intense state of crisis and chaos.
A state of danced meditation where we manage to separate body and mind.
A final state of rest and «trance» where we listen fully and the mind is calm.

Trance: Detachment from one’s physical surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming.
A semiconscious state, as between sleeping and waking.

Each session has a clear objective and the words, phrases and thoughts that are thrown out loud have a specific intention: we will meditate while we dance and meditate on our bodies in relation to the environment around us, the earth, nature and the moment of climate crisis we live in. We want to find out through this journey what kind of messages are useful to us and which ones are not.

We will observe what happens in our bodies when they are continuously and repeatedly bombarded with negative words and messages, with fast rhythms and without rest (similar to our day to day life) and how the bodily sensations that arise from these states can be released and detached from us through the body in movement. We will evolve and move to other places where the message changes and we will reach the final part of the session where we reach our particular trance. At this moment, lying on the ground, feeling the weight of the body on the earth and the rhythm of our breathing, we will receive reflections, words and texts, while we remain in a state of listening, attention and relaxation.
Perhaps in this place we can leave a seed planted so that later, in our day to day, we can begin to act and promote changes in pursuit of the world we have imagined.

The materials we use in our proposals are recycled or come from certified sources. 

In case of printing, it is done under strict standards in relation to types of paper or materials used and printing methods (water-based inks). In case of offering any product (postcards, flyers, etc.), these will be designed so that they can be reused or recycled afterwards and so that the process is closed and aligned with the values of the circular economy.

Artistic information:

Title: TRANCE.
Duration: open. Min. 2 hour.
Discipline: multidisciplinary. Dance, live music and voice.
Language: english.
Artistic direction: Leire Llano.
Musical composition and live music: Itziar Madariaga.
Voice: Aintza Uriarte.
Dance/movement: Aiala Etxegarai.
Production: Leire Llano studio.

Technical information:

Set up time: 1 hour.
Dismantling time: 40 min.

Specific needs of the show:
Room or multipurpose space of at least 115 square meters.
Sound system for musical instruments and voice.
Network cable to the music creation area.
1 microphone with giraffe microphone stand.
Headset with headband.
Output to room speakers passing through table with reverb.
Technical personnel required: sound technician.

Equipment provided by the company:
Musical instruments.

Budget for a team of 4 people:

Travel: 1950 euros*
Transportation costs: 500 euros*
Accommodation: 1000 euros**
Per item: 480 euros**
Fees: 2.400 euros.

TOTAL: 6.030 euros.
*Estimated amounts based on first scanned options.
** Estimated two-day stay.
To be confirmed.

©LeireLlano estudio Aviso legal .
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